17-23 month olds
The children in our Toddler Transitions Program experience a fully hands-on early childhood learning program where teachers provide them with the loving and nurturing environment necessary for infants, while simultaneously beginning to imbue greater sophistication into their curriculum. Children begin to engage in sensory experiences, learn songs, create art, have exposure to science, and participate in story-telling in a deeper and more multifaceted manner.

Our Toddler Transitions children begin learning the rhythm of school and routines. Children are supported and challenged as they are intentionally presented with opportunities to develop the soft-skills they need to succeed, like turn-taking and collaboration. They are given opportunities to exercise agency over their own choices, fostering a sense of self-efficacy and independence. They take more ownership over clean-up and their own belongings as well as communal classroom belongings. They begin to move from parallel play to learning how to wait their turn.

They are also modeled language that includes all parts of speech to describe what children do, see and feel. Teachers intentionally expand our their horizons by incorporating interesting experiences and adding rich language to describe these experiences. Due to the consistent and intentional language our educators use, children naturally learn to integrate all parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs into their language development. This helps them later differentiate, categorize and communicate effectively with others. Through this process our infant develop critical communication skills. They learn to associate words with items as well as to label their emotions and express their needs.