3 year old program
Our 3-year-olds are ready to reach new heights. They are beginning to form deeper bonds with their peers. They are developing ideas and expanding their understanding of the world through their experiences. Our program focuses on developing social skills, critical-thinking skills, and pre-academic skills. We believe that helping children develop the “soft skills” that are required for successful socialization and cooperation, lays the foundation for optimal success in school and beyond. Our inquiry-based approach helps our 3-year-olds develop all of these skills while embracing the wonderment central to the 3-year-old experience. Our children become problem finders as well as problem solvers. They develop grit and resilience through the course of the year as they learn to cooperate with others and practice the language that helps them navigate social situations.

We introduce new and engaging manipulative toys in our 3-year-old program. Playing with these toys strengthens children’s fine motor skills as well as fosters creativity, independent thinking, color identification, and important pre-math skills such as sorting, classifying, and counting.

Our 3-year-old classroom is set up thoughtfully to foster independence and responsibility. Children hang up their own coats, set the table and clean up after lunch, and clean up their own messes. They are expected to return toys and materials to their proper places when they are finished using them. Children are delighted and proud of the responsibility and trust we place in them.

Our 3-year-old children participate in many engaging group discussions. Sharing in a group discussion teaches children turn-taking, perspective taking, listening skills, and communication skills. Our 3-year-olds are thrilled to have the opportunity to practice their expanding vocabulary by sharing their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with their peers and teachers.