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Our early childhood program is led by and inspired through collaboration between our school director, pedagogista, atelierista, and student development coordinator. Their visions are masterfully carried out by our team of superb teachers. Our roles and mission continually evolves as we interact with and observe our children and reexamine our understanding of educational and psychological theory. Through this self-reflective approach, we synthesize contemporary pedagogy with our personal understanding of each and every child.

Professional, dedicated, and loving are words that speak volumes about the team at Preschool of the Arts. Equipped with years of academic study as well as professional experience, our staff strives continuously to respond to the individual needs of each child. Employing cutting-edge methodology and liberal doses of warm, loving, care, our staff is passionate about providing children with a magical, engaging, and inspiring, first school experience.

As Anatole France once said, “The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.” Teachers inspired by the Reggio approach to early childhood education believe that children’s innate desire to interact with others greatly affects cognitive, emotional, and social development. With this in mind, Preschool of the Arts’ staff creates a supportive environment conducive to the co-construction of knowledge between teachers and children. As co-constructors, our teachers have multiple, fluid roles as collaborators, researchers, and learners, all influenced by the needs of the children and the demands of the themes they are curious about.

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Preschool of the Arts is excited to invest in passionate Early Childhood educators. Learning is a life-long journey at POTA and our teachers are learners too! We seek to help our teachers grow and develop as they refine their craft. We are always looking to grow our team. If you are a forward-thinking educator and passionate about serving families and helping them grow, please contact us!

Sarah Rotenstreich

Founder & Executive Director
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Olivia Ascione D’elia

Shlomit Azoulay

Esty Benchimol

Samantha Bernstein

Ariel Bock

Tzipora Burnes

Jennifer Calcano

Ilana Cookler

Guadalupe Cruz

Jessica Glickman

Rafi Goldsmith

Chanie Groner

Haley Grossman

Casey Haber

Emily Hamburger

Nicole Hecht

Melissa Hunka

Alison Itzkowitz

Aliyah Jacobson

Shayna Landes

Talya Leserowitz

Devorah Levin

Rena Meyers

Mariella Miranda

Gail Mosseri

Tzirl Niasoff

Robin Porter

Dacota Pratt-Pariseau

Haley Rappaport

Chaya Rubin

Janine Salinas

Kristin Schall

Shayna Scher

Layah Schreiber

Sadie Schu

Ariane Sheftall

Shelley Spielman

Ella Weitzman

Emma Wilde

Renee Bock, M.S. Ed

Shayna Landes

Jessica Glickman

Anna Schalhoub

Alexandra Maniacci

Audrey Schalhoub

Sara Meyer, LCSW, MSEd

Leah Malka Weinstein, M.S. Ed

Chaya M. Kahanov

Julie Barel

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