A highly regarded early childhood educator, leader and author, Sarah has gained a respected reputation that extends nationally and internationally.

Sarah is keenly aware of the individual needs of young children and their families. As a mother of five, including twins, she offers counsel to parents of multiples on the unique challenges they face such as class placement and division of time. Early in her career, Sarah assisted in directing educational programming in a Hong Kong community and realized how imperative it was for the next generation to have a true understanding of global awareness and responsibility. Sarah’s vision was to create an early childhood experience that would inspire and propel children to become leaders and thinkers, accessing those key skills in the now, in addition to preparing for the future. Over the last decade and a half, Sarah has integrated these philosophies into the school’s ethos, with tremendous results. Passionate about architecture and design, Sarah is also well versed in the effects of the environment on children’s learning and has personally designed each Preschool of the Arts’ site. Under her skilled leadership, the preschool soon became one of the most in demand programs in the NYC preschool scene.

An expert in child development and academic skill-building, Sarah authored Curriculum of the Arts, a holistic preschool curriculum used by over 300 schools worldwide. Passionate about sharing the latest in contemporary early childhood education, she has also lectured to thousands of educators at an International Directors Conference and conducted many workshops at Reggio-inspired conferences for educators. A consultant for hundreds of schools around the globe, she has actively supported the establishment of quality Early Childhood programs throughout the US, Asia, Canada and Israel.

When founding the school 20 years ago Sarah recognized the need for a stellar progressive education that fully integrated modern educational methodologies with Jewish values in the preschool setting. She developed Preschool of the Arts’ teaching philosophy based on her firsthand knowledge of children and her continued study of child development. Preschool of the Arts’ focus is not only on academic acquisitions but on building healthy habits of the mind, heart, body and spirit.

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