How To Deal With Picky Eaters – By Janet Lansbury, RIE Parenting Expert

Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019
BY admin

“Parents are sometimes concerned about having a picky eater and they might be encouraged to try all kinds of tricks or maybe even put for the parents… put their child in front of the TV while they’re eating, give them all this food so they don’t really know what they’re eating. These things all get in a way of what’s really important, which is the connection between the mind and the tummy, the mind and the body. The child needs to know and keep in tune with that sense of fullness, that sense of what I need to eat, what my body’s craving and we want to protect that. Children are born with this, but sometimes, we take that away from them with our well-meaning worries. I always say, “Don’t say one more bite. Give small portions, give a variety of foods. Don’t be invested in it. If the child doesn’t eat it, just let it go.” Because once they sense that you’re nervous about something, then that creates all this tension around eating. So keep it simple, keep it honest and let go. Don’t make Julia Child meals that you’re going to be mad if they don’t eat. Just let them eat what they want to eat. Trust them. Trust them. Trust them. You can’t go wrong.”

Republished by Kids In The House.

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