Our Preschool programs, from our infant program through our Pre-K program, are Reggio inspired.

Children learn in aesthetically beautiful environments that are designed specifically to draw out the potential of each individual. Activities are hands on, ensuring that children learn in the modality that is most suited to their developmental level. Since activities are open-ended, each child engages in them according to their own interests, preferences, and abilities. Open-ended activities do not have a right or wrong way to approach them, engendering an experience that is both satisfying and successful for every child. Children have an opportunity to grow in an environment that fosters independence, creativity, success, and self-esteem.

We embrace our relationship with parents and families and consider our relationship with them integral to the success of our children. We maintain open communication through our weekly spotlights and create an environment that fosters free exchange of ideas. We create opportunities for parents to become part of our community through many shared experiences, including a parent social in the beginning of the year, My Favorite Guy Day, My Favorite Gal Day, Grandparent Seder, and art gallery shows. We invite parents, grandparents, and other extended family to read books to our children as well as to share their areas of expertise with them.

A deep respect for children’s capabilities and ideas informs the work we do every day. Each of our programs is age-appropriate and fosters children’s social/emotional growth and academic success through an integrated approach and experiential learning. Children are taught and are given opportunities to practice the skills they need, like patience, turn-taking, and collaboration, in order for learning to naturally take place. Teachers present children with interesting provocations and materials to spark creativity, engagement and positivity towards learning and school.

Children new to POTA will be visited at home by their teachers before the start of the school year. All of the children enrolled will have an opportunity to meet and engage with their classmates and teachers on a fun playdate in the park prior to beginning school. Each group has a phase-in schedule geared specifically to their age to help children acclimate to the classroom and separate from their parent or caregiver through an intentional and gentle process.


Up to 17 Months
An outstanding infant program where our passion for nurturing and respecting our young ones is palpable. Our teachers extend both the trust and support needed for our infants to explore, learn and grow. Loving care and individualized attention are the cornerstone of our infant program.

Toddler Transitions

17-23 months
The children in our Toddler Transitions Program experience a fully hands-on early childhood learning program where teachers provide them with the loving and nurturing environment necessary for infants, while simultaneously beginning to imbue greater sophistication into their curriculum.


2 year olds
Our 2 year old program is designed to harness the joy and excitement that accompanies turning two. Children develop language, increased attention span and greater physical capabilities in one fell swoop. POTA is there to provide the environment and program that matches and supports these new found abilities.


3 year old program
Our 3 year olds are ready to reach new heights. They are beginning to form deeper bonds with their peers. They are developing ideas and expanding their understanding of the world through their experiences. Our program focuses on developing social skills, critical thinking skills, and pre-academic skills.


4-5 years old

Our Pre-k children grow and learn in a print and literacy rich environment which has been thoughtfully designed to ignite their passion for reading, writing, and learning. Our individualized approach to literacy allows children to develop their language, literacy, and writing skills with an experience designed especially for them.


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